Beer PalmaEmerging from the underground car park into Palma’s early May sunshine to admire La Seu is always a joy. Even more so this year with the advent of BeerPalma – (Palma Beer Festival), a celebration of over 125 beers organised by the Picorelli family. Anna, the organiser in chief, was kind enough to point us in the direction of the 35 Cervezas Artesanales featured in this the second year of the festival and suggested an excellent amber ale from Alcudia – ‘Bram’ from Beer Lovers. A hoppy IPA from Tramuntana (Palma) was more my taste as were the tapas – chorizo pie and veggie pastie.  A few fine beers later (even one brewed with almonds) another Picorelli, Marti, explained that the Bishop had done us all a favour by insisting the festival be moved across the water from the Cathedral steps, a short walk. The perfect spot to sup and admire one of the Mediterranean’s gothic masterpieces.

In my ignorance my Mallorcan beer expectations weren’t great so an afternoon of sun, sea and cerveza tostada de elaboración tradicional y con presión natural was a real joy.

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Submissions thanks to Chris Jackson who knows a thing or two about beer