Sa Dragonera

St Elm & Sa Dragonera are about 56 km from Casa Fortuna about a 45 min drive.

Sa Dragonera is an uninhabited islet located just off the west coast of Mallorca It is currently a nature reserve.

We visited this October (13) unfortunately the boat trips across had pretty much finished. The crossing is from St Elm. We explored the coastline and plan to revisit the island in late spring.

Sa Dragonera  Sa DragoneraSa Dragonera

St Elm

Sant Elm is also known as San Telmo in Spanish, it is a lovely spot, located in the far south west corner of Mallorca. The foothills of the Tamuntana mountains are behind it, with wonderful crystal clear waters to the front, it has a certain Caribbean-esque feel, with a scattering of palm trees and lush countryside.