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Cura Monastery is located 18.2 km from Casa Fortuna, and can be seen clearly when looking out across the almond groves at the rear of the property. It is a great place to visit especially for the views. It is located on the upper Randa Mountain. It is easy to get to travelling through Llucmajor. It takes about half an hour due to the winding nature of the roads leading to the top of the mountain.

I particularly like to go at sun rise to take in the spectacular views and try my had at photographing them. I have been at all times of the year and even experienced a flutter of snow.

Much information about the sanctuary can be found at http://www.santuariodecura.com/


I have never walked up but there are well marked footpaths, neither have I cycled up but many do use it for training.

I hope you get the opportunity to visit and take in the 360 deg stunning views.